In oil and production and oil and gas processing

  • Rotors for screw downhole motor
  • Rotary jar spline shafts
  • Rods and pistons of slurry pumps, slurry transfer pumps
  • Bushings, tubes, journal neck that contact with sealing
  • Housing of telemetry systems
  • Details of electrical submersible pump case
  • Oilwell tubing

Rotors for screw downhole motor is traditionally harden by electrolytic chromizing technique. If salt-saturated drilling fluid is applied, the chromium coating is exposed by heavy corrosion. An effective solution to the problem is application of coating on the basic of tungsten carbide (hardness 1100 HV, porosity no more than 1.0 %, adhesive strength more than 80 MPa).

Rods of reciprocating compressors that operate and maintain at the plant is needed the incased mechanical properties of surface because of continuity of operation. The applied electrolytic chromizing and nitride technique are not provided the required resource. Rods with increased resource is produced with the application of hard coating of working surface, that comply with customers’ need in continuous trouble-free operation of equipment, on the production site of UWI – Metallurgy Ltd.

Pistons of slurry catalyst transfer pumps are exposed to fine oxide at quantity of 10wt% and corrosion environment. The application of hard coating for replacement of high-frequency current hardening technique is allowed to increase the operation resource of pistons more than 10 times, the strength of operating pistons with seals and basic overhaul time as a whole.

The deposition of corrosion-resistant protective metal coating is performed by High Velocity Air-Fuel spraying processing on the basic of iron with the addition agent for improvement of anticorrosion properties, wear-resistance and multiple applications of electrical submersible pump units. The use of the addition agent at the sprayed material is increased wear- and corrosion resistance and gave opportunity to reduce the porosity that improve the strength properties of materials and minimize the underfilm corrosion.

Leading manufacturer of drilling equipment is applied spraying technique on the basic of carbides for protection against impact stress, abrasion wear and corrosive wear of surface that contact with seals at the high pressure.

The deposition of wear-resistance stainless steel coating of dopant system AI, Si, Ni, Cr,Ti, С, Mn in thickness from 150 to 500µm with high corrosion-resistance (3-5 times higher than stainless steel 08X18H10T), high microhardness (600…750 HV), high erosion resistance, high adhesive (no less than 80 MPa), low porosity (less than 1%) for protection of outside surface of oilwell tubing against deterioration at the combination string and corrosion damages at the annular space during the extraction of oil and gas.

The production of pipe with hardening wear-resistance stainless coating on the basis of chromium carbide (hardness 63-65 HRC) is performed by High Velocity Air-Fuel spraying processing.

The production of bushing is performed with application of coating on the basis of tungsten carbide (hardness 70 HRC).

Face hardening of titanium enclosure is performed by deposition of wearresistance stainless coating on the basis of tungsten carbide (hardness 70 HRC) in thickness 0,5 mm by High Velocity Air-Fuel spraying processing.