Over 100 types of coatings

Unique properties

Surface protection from any environmental influences

Additional advantages over other technologies


UIW – Metallurgy Ltd. specializes in production of long-life service parts by application of innovative hardening technologies.

Thermal spraying ensures the protection of the parts from abrasion wear, effects of corrosion environment and high temperatures.  The use of the thermal spraying makes it possible to increase the service life of parts at low costs, in comparison with the price of parts, in metallurgy, oil-refining, electrical, machine industry.

Modern thermal spraying methods are characterized with the combination of high quality, capability and possi

Competence in the field of hardening

Application of coatings is performed by thermal spraying methods:

  • High Velocity Air-Fuel spraying process
  • Wire Flame Spraying

Modern thermal spraying systems of company Uniquecoat Technologies LLC are fully automated and allowed for higher quality
coatings than other existing systems. The Fanuc robot is used for movement of spray gun, that allow to coat parts any geometrical
shapes, also provide the repeatability 100%. The vertical and horizontal turner is used for clamping and rotating of parts during the
spraying. All equipment is installed in the noisy-protected chambers that equipped with the suction-and-exhaust ventilation.

The production of parts of long-life service parts is performed with the application of thermal spraying technologies.

The production section of thermal spraying is operated as a part of Machine-building plant. This allow to produce parts, nonstandard equipment in addition to thermal spray operation. Machine-building plant is included 6 divisions that equipped with high-performance equipment (blank production shop, machining workshop, heat-treatment shop, shop of assembly-welding operations, shop of machine-assembly operations, packing and painting workshop).

Service Consulting

The managers of the company will be happy to answer your questions and calculate the cost of services and prepare an individual commercial offer.
The conduct of research in the area of surface engineering with the application of laboratory and processing equipment.

The staff competences and solid theoretical and practical experience in hardening technology application is
allowed UWI – Metallurgy Ltd. to perform researches of coating properties, hardening technology development with the application of modern technologies, development of methods and coatings testing equipment, intellectual property protection. The researches are conducted in close cooperation and with the engineering capa-
bilities involvement of the Ural Federal University, also State Research and Development Institute and commercial laboratory are engaged in researches.

Machining of high-strength coatings by diamond grinding.
The machining of hardening coatings (microhardness – 900HV and above) is conducted with the application of diamond tooling, the machining are not conducted by carbide wheels and edge tools. The production site of UWI – Metallurgy Ltd. is equipped with grinding machine stock that allowing treat a cylindric surface, flat surface, complex part.