In metallurgy

  • Copper plates for CC-machine molds
  • Drums and accessories of drawing machines
  • Hydraulic parts (pistons and rods), slurry pump, plungers
  • Hot-dip galvanizing line immersion rollers
  • Hole gages for tubes
  • Displacement rollers for different applications
  • Heat-exchanges panels

The applied thermal spraying technique  and application of specifically developed  wear-resistant, corrosion-resisting mate-rials are allowed to increase the resources of cooper plates in comparison  with conventional nickel pickling technology by 6-8 times.

The complete production of gages is performed with deposing of hardening  coating on the basis of tungsten carbide is allowed to increase the resources of tools by 330 uninterrupted working shifts, that

exceed hardness of conventional applied steel heat-treated of gages by 15 times.

The hardening of working surface of electroplating line rollers (length 1700 mm, diameter 630 and 250 mm) by wire flame spraying technique. Application of wear-resistant steel coatings in hardness  48-50 HRC and performing of grinding up to Ra 0,4 µm.

The hard facing technique is widly applied for wear and corrosion protection of modern immersion equipment of hot-dip galvanizing line. The coating reliably protects basic metal of roller against aggres-sive action of molten zink-aluminium at a temperature of 460°C degrees, also coating inhibits zink buildup on the surface of roller, this is necessary to production of highest quality galvanized sheet.

The refurbishment with hardening of working surface of drum f 700 mm by deposing of wear-resistance coating on the basis of tungsten carbide (hardness 70 HRC), in thickness 0,5 mm by the High Velocity Air-Fuel spraying processing.

Improvement of working surface wear resistance of drawing drum (KOCH, Mario Frigerio…), intermediate block, coiler and other machining attachments of wire and tensile reinforcement production. At the moment on the modern drawing machine is applying the drum with hard facing of working surface that having maximum wear-resistance in comparison with all availible engineering material.